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We help people capture forever their special memories, relationships and experiences through the wonder of a sunrise photo unique to them.

Every day there are events in all our lives, so special that when we retell the story it often starts with, “The day began…”

Well, Sunrise Daily may never have seen the light of day if not for one of the founders, Tony Dowling, a man with pure determination to survive himself. Tony grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia. With a wife and two young sons, Tony was diagnosed with cancer and given a 3% chance of survival. Embracing his zest for life, passion for helping others, and with the support of his family, he decided to be one of the 3 in every hundred to survive. In short he was given a 3% chance of survival with advance X cancer. After 12 of the most challenging months in his life, Tony is now in remission and often wakes and leisurely drives 5 minutes to one of many beautiful beaches on the Northern Beaches to either appreciate the glow of dawn or take to the waves to be free with the water and his surfboard.

During one of his early morning rituals, Tony starts a friendly chat with a man holding a camera. As it turns out, this man had been taking sunrise photos for the past 24 years… every single day! The photographer was selling his prints via word of mouth to mums and dads of new born babies, of the day their little bundle of joy entered this world. Continuing to do this for the past 20 years, but not having the reach that the internet and technology allows, Tony suggested a few things the photographer could do to improve. That is where the first encounter ended… no introductions of names and no “lets catch up again”.

Tony is a spiritual man, after not only surviving cancer, but thriving with energy and passion for life, and dedicating time to local community groups, he was asking himself, ‘What more can I be doing’. One night a name came to him… ‘Speak to Neil!’ Now this is where things were meant to be… Tony did not know any Neils… or did he?

The next day Tony bumps into the photographer again at sunrise on the beach. “Hey mate, good to see you again. By the way, my name is Tony”, and the man with his camera replied, “G’day, my name is Neil.”

Neil White is a local photographer who has always appreciated the morning glow of dawn, and capturing in photography the rays of the Northern Beaches sunrise. Having taken more than 80,000 photos over 24 years, it was the perfect opportunity for Tony to give more people the joy of a memory. Tony knew the best part of recalling a heart felt memory is that it allows us to feel something unique. To relive a feeling and experience something move in our body is what actually looking at the sunrise on that special day gives and allows us.

What happened over the next 2 months was swift. Tony has a mate from the Northern Beaches, Anthony Simon, who loves early morning bikes rides, the ocean and nature. Anthony has a background in marketing and loves ecommerce. Anthony has a mate Flynn Tesoriero, who loves sunrise mountain bike riding and grew up on the northern beaches. Flynn is a tech extraordinaire and passion for online marketing.

Tony, Anthony and Flynn got together to discuss ‘an opportunity’. The sun had risen on this opportunity and it was called Sunrise Daily.

Our mission is for you to capture visually your feelings about your special day through the most powerful energy of them all… The sun. This is given to you by Neil White and soon our global sunrise photographers in the form of a beautifully framed and personalised sunrise photography print.

By keeping the utmost authenticity of the precise sunrise of each specific day and only using the highest quality printers and framers, Sunrise Daily will continue to be spoken about in the highest regard.

This page is ‘about us’, yet what gives us personal joy, is hearing your story and what your special day meant to you. Please email or post your your hung photo along with your story. #sunrisedaily @sunrisedaily [email protected]

Our Team

Picture of Tony Dowling

Tony Dowling

Tony is a lover of all things adventure. With 2 teenage boys and a beautiful wife who all share a love for adventure, they are always looking for the next wave to ride. Living on Sydney's Northern Beaches and literally on the beach every day, Sunrise Daily has been a part of his life since a very early age. Tony's favourite quote is “Each day is a gift, that’s why it's called the present.”

Picture of Anthony Simon

Anthony Simon

Anthony's #1 love is his near teenage son and daughter beyond her years (what little girl isn't). He believes being active and outdoors is a must for the body and mind. Anthony brings with him a background in graphic arts and marketing to Sunrise Daily.

Picture of Flynn Tesoriero

Flynn Tesoriero

When he's not out riding his mountain bike or getting outdoors, you'll find Flynn building websites and running digital marketing campaigns.

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We offer the largest and highest quality collection of northern beaches daily sunrise photos, including ocean sunrise photos and beach sunrise photos. Offering Sydney daily sunrise prints, sunrise prints on canvas and framed sunrise prints, we truly offer the best daily sunrise prints.

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